new toyota rush 2016

Pros and Cons of Toyota Rush

Toyota is one of the leading car companies that is somewhat trusted by the people of Indonesia. Toyota itself is a company that comes from the State of Japan with many loyal consumers. For the sake of giving the best and the belief of the consumer side has one car that is fairly cheap price that is Toyota Rush.

Excess Toyota Rush

Among the advantages of ToyotRush that has many advanced facilities in it. With the existence of these facilities certainly a lot of users who feel at home in this car.

Use of latest technologies such as EBD or (Brake Force Distribution) and also ABS (AntilockBeaking System).

Able to pass through extreme terrain. Toyota Rush itself is designed for use in all fields whether it is easy terrain or even difficult toyota rush 2016

The design of this Toyota Rush also looks more sporty and handsome. Black also makes this car more luxurious and elegant.

Lack of Toyota Rush

Price. Toyota Rush car has a fairly expensive price. The price of 1 unit of this car could be above $ 15,000.
Control. Toyota Rush car is a car that has a large size.
With a large size of the car is a bit difficult to control. However, for those who are used to control the car is also not too difficult. also visit:

Design. This car has a negative side in terms of design. In because Toyota Rush design is the same as Daihatsu Terios design. The design of both cars is exactly the same, especially on the exterior. Also read: 2017 Toyota Fortuner TRD Review and Specification