custom t shirts memphis

Custom T Shirts Memphis Ultimate Guide For Mens

Men Love Custom T Shirts Memphis for their casual appearance and wide range of colors. However when worn right they can look splendid and get you into the most eminent clubs. Chinos were originally called khakis since light brown was mostly used and were designed for British and French soldiers. They can be worn for a wide array of occasions and give you that casual or sophisticated look by teaming up with smart choices.Younger boys prefer chinos to jeans to express themselves well and enjoy all those hot colors chinos can offer.

 custom t shirts memphis

Best Choices For Your Custom T Shirts Memphis

What to consider before buying a chino:

  1. Buy a good quality chino preferably cotton, which fits you aptly. Its best to try them in trial rooms before buying to be sure of the kind of fit and color to compliment your body.
  2. Buy them keeping the occasion in mind especially when choosing the wild colors.
  3. Also keep in mind to team it up with right pair of shoes and tops.

How to rock the different looks:

Easy going look:

You can wear a good quality cotton shirt light or dark colored, plain or pleated with khaki custom t shirts memphis for an easy going look. You can also wear the shirt slightly button-down with sleeves rolled up to get that trendy casual look. A good pair of sneakers will definitely compliment the look.

Weekend ready wild look:

Rock a t-shirt and rusty orange chinos look by clubbing an aviator glass. You can wear all the hot colors: teal, red, green, blue and pink with this look. This look can still add all that charm you could get by wearing custom t shirts store. Wear a pair of Driver shoes and skip the socks and slightly roll up the chinos for that flirtatious look.

Stylish Formal Look:

To sport this look wear a suit or a sports coat with a cardigan inside. Pair it up with dark colored custom t shirts memphis and shoes can be penny loafers, drivers, derby or those classic black or brown lace up oxfords. You can also add some pocket squares to enhance the look.

 custom t shirts memphis

Comfortable neat look:

Wear a dark colored bomber jacket with a light colored t-shirt and any mild colored chinos to achieve this look. Pair it with sneakers. I like the striped t-shirt and the grey chinos here and of-course the white sneakers that stands out.

I personally find khaki chinos teamed with bright or dark pullovers attractive. Don’t you find the bright red pullover, navy blue shirt, green laptop bag and khaki chinos attractive here ? I even like the way he has set his hair for that casual nerdy look.

A good quality chinos is very important and it may not be an expensive one but you need to have a sharp taste to find the one that fits your budget. A good hair style is also equally important. Consider styling it with a good setting gel and not to forget the shoes indeed. It’s better to have sneakers, drivers, loafers and derby shoes along with your regular lace up oxford boots and team them up as suggested above custom t shirts memphis.