Hualien Travel Guide

Hualien Facts​

Area: Hualien County is the biggest and the second longest province of Taiwan with just 17 miles (27 kilometers) to 27 miles (43 kilometers) from east to west however 88 miles (142 kilometers) from north to south. Situated on the east shoreline of Taiwan Island, it has immense ocean sees. Toward the west of the area towers the Central Range. So the area is rich in both sloping and beach front views.

Region: 1,786 square miles (4,628 square kilometers)

Best time to visit: The yearly normal temperature here is 74°F (23 °C), the most elevated month to month normal temperature is 83°F (28°C), and the least is 64°F (18°C). Also, May to November is Hualien’s stormy season and the best time to visit here is from February to April.

Top Attractions – Things to Do

Chingshui Cliff: This is a gigantic shake precipice which towers alongside the Pacific. It is more than 2,625 feet (800 meters) high and extends 13 miles (21 kilometers). The waves at the foot of the bluff surge and swell high as can be.

Taroko National Park: The recreation center is celebrated for its great marble valleys. Precipices, holes, backwoods, winding passages, and streams can be discovered all over. Numerous uncommon creatures and plants possess the recreation center, for example, tree frogs, pangolins and fir woods.

Seven Star Lake: Most of the shorelines here are stone shorelines, so it is a decent place to gather shells and stroll in the waves. It is additionally an imperative angling territory with three fisheries, so you can eat fish here.

Carp Lake: It is the biggest lake in Hualien. Here you can outing, camp, go sailing, and visit the woods exhibition hall. Carp Mountain sits next to the lake, where you can have a go at paragliding.

Visit Routes

Waterfront Highway Line: Chingshui Cliff → Taroko National Park→ Seven Star Lake →Carp Lake.

East Rift Valley Line:

Mountains, waterways, plantations, tea gardens, fields, and fields come into see ceaselessly in East Rift Valley. Each February to April, blossoms are in sprout here, which is additionally the best time for a visit. At Mizuho Ranch, you can drink unadulterated normal drain. Scrubbing down at the Antong hot spring or the Mizuho hot spring is a genuine treat.

The most effective method to Get to Hualien

Just Taipei and Kaohsiung have non-stop flights to Hualien. You can take the prepare from some other city in Taiwan to the province. Via prepare, it more often than not takes 2-3.5hours from Taipei to Hualien. To movement around the picturesque spots, you can take the touring transport or contract a private auto or cruiser. The rental of an auto is TWD 1,500-2,000 for a half day and TWD 2,500-3,500 for an entire day. The bike costs TWD 500 for 24 hours and TWD 50 for every additional hour.

Hualien Travel Tips

Nearby Highlights: Most of the Taiwanese natives, particularly Amis, live here. The Amis have a matriarchal framework. Imperative choices are made by females, and little girls acquire terrains and properties. Their garments, sustenance, celebrations, and different traditions are one of a kind and fascinating. Every one of the young ladies’ garments are red without exceptional decorations and young men are barebacked with shorts. The most illustrative nourishments of the Amis are millet wines and sticky rice cakes. From July to August, amid the Harvest Festival, their most critical social occasion, they will drink millet wines and eat sticky rice cakes, an exceptional treat for the Amis individuals. Hualien is rich in common assets, particularly marble, so you can see various marble structures, asphalts, statues, designs, and signs. These are from time to time observed in different urban communities.  A little tips for you guys to find cheapest ticket and get your promotion ticket. Find out here.

Tidbits: Fried heated scallion hotcakes, mochi, wontons, bean cake, box burger and steamed spring rolls are for the most part celebrated bites. The ocean side Nanbin Night Market and the Zhiqiang Night Market are the best places to taste this tasty nourishment, which is really reasonable. The previous is the biggest night market of Hualien and the last is the most famous among local people. Additionally, you can likewise discover a wide range of snacks in the Golden Triangle business area.

Nearby Products: There are numerous Amis specialties and day by day necessities to be found at the Amis Millet Cultural Center in Amis Cultural Village. In addition, the Hualien Handicraft Center has a substantial number of artwares including pottery, sewing, figures, and DIY adornments. Hualien potatoes and rice cakes as exceptional nearby nourishment can be discovered all over the place, particularly on Jhonghua Road where you can purchase prunes, roselles, peeling peppers, lotus teas, and yokans.