The Good And Bad Of Grey Home Design

Grey is the neutral color. The grey color is placed between the white color and the black color. White is shows the brightness and black shows the darkness. The use of grey color is very tricky, means that if you put in the wrong place then the meaning will be bad. The misuse of grey color in home design will makes a room give bad feeling to the people who stay there, meanwhile when you put the grey color in the right position then it will looks great. Here in an example of the good and bad of grey home design.



See the picture above is the use of grey color in home design as in a kitchen. Actually nothing is wrong with that picture. Everything’s look good. But it seems like a dead color, someone can be out of inspirations inside that room. While the room looks gloomy. It is because of the balancing color is can give the brighten touch. The white color just in a few, the use of woody materials is not too bright. So it is unbalance. But for those who loved the mechanism home design, they will love that design so much.



Different with the first picture, this one is brighter. Actually both are the same which is use the grey color. But the second picture use grey color with low opacity and the second one use many lighting. If we focus, the picture shows the rustic home design. That shows from the floor and coffee table. But they give the grey color to those stuffs and erase the wood color. The second picture is used the white color as the balancing color. That is also one factor that makes the second home design is brighter than the first one. The people that stay in that room will be easy to creative than the first one.